Some Applications for Rebozo

Rebozo has been long entrenched in the Mexican birth culture. Rebozo is different in various regions in terms of the color, texture and important but it still remains alone, woven piece of negative clothing that is useful for carrying infants after birth. The Mexican rebozo has been employed in various places around the world as people have found significance in the clothing. In Denmark alone, 9% of the women utilize rebozo for vaginal births even though it was only 2% five years back. Discussed are some of the tips on what are Rebozo used for

Rebozo can be employed a lot during labor in that it is used a lot in birthing a person’s hips by controlling various motions of labor and in providing comfort to the lady in labor. The movements that are made during this process are described as a pelvic message, jiggling or rocking with which a care provider or any other person can provide support to the woman in labor while she is lying down, standing or is on hands-and-knees.

Rebozo could also be helpful in correcting poor foetal conditioning that is essential for the process of breath in that body posterior positioning to result in a lot of painful, longer and much difficult labor. A lot of doulas and care providers are well acquainted with the use of the rebozo to encourage the baby to shift in a better position for birth. Not many women use the rebozo manually to turn the fetus into a better position but that it is mostly used to provide the massaging of the muscles around the pelvis to help the baby to have a better position for Rebozo during labor and birth.

There is no sufficient amount of research to substantiate as to how the rebozo really works but that there is a lot of psychological effects creates in terms of teamwork and labor support for the woman while the caregivers and the woman together utilize the rebozo to bring forth the baby. It is however solidly sure that better fetal positioning helps in reducing the pains of labor and that it also reduces the labor hours.

A lot of efficiency can be found in the use of the rebozo during labor and birth despite the fact that there are not a lot of scientific studies to support this. Many factors would lead to women prioritizing the rebozo technique such as tradition, personal preferences, individual narratives amongst many others. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization recognizes the use of the rebozo and its development in use in labor and birth through two papers that are published in peer-reviewed journals.

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